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Say Good bye to your hairy arms and legs

Laser Hair Removal

  • Immediately return to normal activity
  • Safe hair removal without damage to the skin
  • Various treatment areas

Applicable Areas

Upper Arm

Upper Arm-Female
1 time
5,000 Baht
5 time
9,900 Baht
Upper Arm-Male
1 time
12,000 Baht
5 time
39,000 Baht

Premium Laser Hair Removal

by using the laser device that is absorbed only in melanin in hair follicle.
Hence, it safely removes hair without skin damage.

A principle of Laser Hair Removal

  • STEP1
  • STEP2
  • STEP3
STEP1.Personalized diagnosis of hair thickness and width of pores
STEP2.The Laser destroys the hair-producing tissues
STEP3.No more growth from the hair follicle after removing hair
The MeDioStar features
The new MeDioStar® offers an innovative,
easy-to-maintain and expandable modular design
with an intuitive user interface, efficient skin cooling
and a two-handpiece system. ‘Made in Germany’ innovation.

Before & After


We recommend Hair Removal for those who

  • are stressed about hairy skin type
  • concern about pigmentation due to frequent shaving
  • want a semi-permanent effect
  • are tired of constant shaving or waxing hair

Precautions of Laser Hair Removal

Before treatment

Please avoid tanning body areas where you want to get the hair removal
Please avoid plucking, bleaching or waxing 1-2 weeks before the treatment.
If you have inflammation or illness, please be treated before the treatment.

After treatment

Please apply cold compresses (clean, soft washcloth with cool water)
Please avoid exposure to sunlight and apply sunscreen.
Please avoid drinking alcohol and sauna.

" Why Renewme Laser Hair Removal? "

Regardless of age and gender, many people are becoming increasingly aware of laser hair removal these days. Renewme clinic is experts in laser hair removal, treating a wide range of body areas.
What is a safe laser hair removal?
Waxing, shaving, taping or depilatory cream would give a temporary result, and the hair will grow again. Furthermore, depilatory creams possibly causes side effects such as contact dermatitis and folliculitis.
  • Depilatory cream
  • Hair removal
  • Tapes-shaving
  • Machine-razor
It may cause folliculitis
What is an effective laser hair removal followed by Dermatology Specialist?
“A procedure that gives a long-lasting result and less skin damage.”
An effect of laser hair removal?
A hair in a growth period typically shows a significant effect. Since the hair in a growth period is about 10%-20% of all hairs, laser hair removal requires at least 5 sessions of treatments, spaced one month apart to make sure the hair won’t grow anymore or become thinner.
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