Premium Solution for
Sensitive and Problem Skin
EXOSOME + LDM Ultra Sound Lifting
1 session
15,000 Baht
3 session
39,000 Baht
EXOSOME plays a role in delivery core ingredients to the cell to help skin revitalization and recovery its original strength.
EXOSOME skin booster is a procedure that injected cultivated EXOSOMEs containing the genetic information and nutrients of stem cells into the skin.
As stem cell DNA contained solution, Exsome helps to strengthen the skin barrier and boost skin recover, reduce pores, improves fine wrinkles and make skin elastic and tighten.
It is a premium skin booster that is also effective against acne due its outstanding anti-inflammatory functions.
Fiber cells
Hyaluronic acid
Fat Cells
Damaged Skin
before treatment
Healthy Skin
after treatment
Lyophilized solution
5 types of Growth Factor complexes, 6 types of Peptides, 19 types of Amino Acids, 4 types of Coenzymes, Glutathione, 6 minerals and vitamins in a single blend.
Promotes strong skin improvement and nutrition supply
Activating solution
High concentrated hyaluronic acid, 4 types of Growth Factor complexes, Amino Acids, minerals and other skin nutrition solution that maximizes synergy with powder to provide skin nutrition, addressing restore natural skin turnover and improve skin-regeneration ability.
Am I candidate for EXOSOME?
  • Poor skin regeneration
  • Large pores Unbalanced skin
  • Acne & Acne scar
  • Sensitive & Stressed Skin
  • Eczema Rosacea dermatitis
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