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Boost immunity by customized vitamin injection

Vitamin Injection

  • Boost immunity
  • Promote energy metabolism
  • Chronic disease
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Skin beauty
Vitamin Injection Program
Vitamin Injection Program
Vit C + Cindella
2,500 Baht
Vit C + Cindella + Luthione
3,500 Baht

Types of Vitamin Injection

Fatigue recovery,
enhance immunity

Vitamin C

The main ingredient is vitamin C. VitaminC restores cell function through antioxidant action and can be expected to have various effects such as anti-aging, cancer prevention, and immune promotion. In addition, when vitaminC enters white blood cells, the immune function of white blood cells is further activated, improving immunity

Skin whitening,
improve liver function

Whitening Injection(Glutathione)

The main ingredient is a protein composed of three amino acids, glycine, cysteine, and glutamate, which inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, which makes black melanin, and clears the skin color by activating the metabolic process of making brown melanin instead of black. It also improves the immune system, removes toxins, and helps detoxify the liver.

Anti-aging and
Reduce body fat

Cindella Injection

The main ingredient is deoctic acid, which prevents cell damage caused by free oxygen. Free oxygen causes aging, so it should be eliminated as much as possible. It is good for diet effects to reduce accumulation of triglycerides by promoting metabolism, improving fatigue recovery, and helping bright skin.

Vitamin injection effect

  • Chronic fatigue
    It relieves chronic fatigue accumulated by work and study
  • Promote Immunity
    Enhance immunity function by essential nutrients, Vitamin
  • Promote energy metabolism
    It is effective for fatigue recovery by energy generation which helps metabolism
  • Chronic disease
    It helps people who suffer from cardiovascular and diabetes
  • Skin beauty
    It activates cells for strong antioxidant effect to achieve whitening and skin elasticity
  • Prevention of obesity
    proper metabolic action helps decompose fat.

It is recommended
for those who

  • 1
    Suffer from a chronic fatigue
  • 2
    Have a poor physical function
  • 3
    Have a lot of stress
  • 4
    Have a weak physical constitution
  • 5
    Suffer from allergic disease and routine colds
  • 6
    Frequently drink alcohol and smok
  • 7
    have skin trouble due to malnutrition
  • 8
    Wish to improve concentration
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