LDM Ultra sound lifting

Enhanced effect of moisturizing,
elasticity, and wrinkles improvement
  • Increased
  • Brightening
  • Moisturizing
Ultra sound
  • 1
    Wrinkles and fine wrinkles improvement
  • 2
    Pore reduction and acne scar improvement
  • 3
    Improvement of skin disease, stretch marks, and flush
  • 4
    Skin elasticity, moisturizing effect

LDM Ultra sound lifting

LDM Ultra sound lifting makes a balance of the cells in the skin to relieve skin troubles and amplify the fibrous protein producing enzyme to make more young and healthy skin.
The lifting makes to produce fibrous protein continuously and break down aging-fibrous protein to help distribute the production of new fiber blasts.
LDM Ultra sound lifting helps produce a fibrous
proteinenzyme that activates skin’s immune
system to restore the skin quickly.
The lifting produces the highest HSP (Heat Shock
Proteins) to increase skin protection and to
minimize skin troubles and other diseases.

Best candidate

  • For those who
    have sensitive skin
    so that the laser does
    not suit their skin
  • Severe degree of
    skin trouble without
    any particular
  • For those who
    wish natural result by
    increasing elasticity

Advantages of LDM Ultra sound lifting


Consistent collagen formation

Collagen is an important substance that plays an essential role in dermal layer of skin and increases skin elasticity.
LDM Ultra sound lifting continuously produces collagen and helps in distribution and production of fibroblast by disassembling the aged collagen.

Increase Skin Defensive Power

A numerical value of HSP
could increase
up to 1800% maximum

and LDM Ultra sound lifting
maintains the effect.
What is HPS (Heat Shock Proteins)?
It is collagen synthase that activates a skin immune system that quickly restores abnormal symptoms of skin. It minimizes the cause of disease or skin trouble by increasing the skin defensive power and producing maximal HSP in skin.

Induce distribution of balanced
Hyaluronic acid (GAG)

Before LDM treatment
The amount of
moist loss
A thin acid mantle that
prevents bacterial
A horny layer is
loose and weak
Dry skin caused by unbalanced
distribution and GAG reduction
(Aged skin)
During LDM treatment
An acid mantle is thick.
Protein and moist of
epidermis layer is
strongly combined.
Moist loss DOWN,
Moistness UP
A rigid horny layer
strongly protects skin
Moisturizing and healthy skin on the inside
and out by balanced distribution
of GAG after LDM treatment
and Proteoflycans
A molecular structure of hyaluronic acid (GAG) consists of moist. It saves surrounding moist and makes the skin moisturized and hydrated.
If skin ages, it results in irregular distribution of hyaluronic acid so that the skin easily becomes dry. LDM Ultra sound lifting evenly distributes molecules of hyaluronic acid and achieves healthy moist skin on the inside and out.

An effect of LDM Ultra sound lifting

  • Improvement
    of wrinkles
    and fine
  • Skin
  • Skin
  • Skin
    & lifting
  • Pore
  • Improvement
    of acne scar

Process of LDM Ultra sound lifting Treatment

  • Applying gel
  • LDM Ultra sound lifting
  • Cleansing

Before and After

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