• PRP
  • Hydrolifting Injection
  • DNA Injection
  • Cryocell
  • Velvet Mask
  • Omega LED
  • Results:
1 time
19,000 Baht
1 ครั้ง
19,000 บาท
3 times
49,000 Baht
3 ครั้ง
49,000 บาท
Hydrolifting + PDRN
1 time
25,000 Baht
1 ครั้ง
25,000 บาท
3 times
69,000 Baht
3 ครั้ง
69,000 บาท
Hydrolifting + Filorga NCTF
1 time
29,000 Baht
1 ครั้ง
29,000 บาท
3 times
79,000 Baht
3 ครั้ง
79,000 บาท
Hydrolifting + PRP
1 time
29,000 Baht
1 ครั้ง
29,000 บาท
3 times
79,000 Baht
3 ครั้ง
79,000 บาท
Hydrolifting + PDRN + Filorga NCTF + PRP
1 time
39,000 Baht
1 ครั้ง
39,000 บาท
3 times
99,000 Baht
3 ครั้ง
99,000 บาท
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It's still me but I look and feel younger & definitely more refreshed! In fact, the doctor did mention, your skin will keep looking better day by day after doing the ​PRP HYDROLIFTING.​ Now I know why Kim Kardashian swears by this! I'm definitely more confident to head out without makeup these days! But if you really must put on make up, you'd notice it glides on like a dream. 
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What is a Hydrolifting Injeciton?

Hydrolifting Injection is a procedure in which hyaluronic acid is evenly injected
with 9 pin multi suction needle to make a moisture barrier on into the skin.
It helps skin moisturizing and brightening and also enhance more elasticity.
What is a Hydrolifting Injeciton?
Hydrolifting injections provide instant moisturizing effects that cannot be achieved through topical or oral medications, moisturizers, or by drinking water.
What is hyaluronan (HA)?
Hyaluronan is a sugar-derived molecule that exists in all human beings and decreases in quantity over time. The substance is also the main ingredient for dermal fillers, due to its abilities to plump up and add volume to aging skin. Another major benefit of hyaluronan is its water retaining capacity, which makes it an excellent moisturizer for the skin.

What is effects of Hydrolifting Injeciton?

General skin
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Treat freckles, blemishes etc
  • Helps makeup apply better
& Anti-Aging
  • Removes fine lines
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Prevents aging
  • Reduces tightness
    after washing
  • Exfoliates
  • Retains moisture during
    dry periods

Treatment Package at Renewme Skin Clinic

  • 01 | PRP Platelet rich plasma extracted from your blood helps rejuvenate & brighten skin.
  • 02 | Hydrolifting Injection Hyaluronic acid is evenly injected into the skin to hydrate and improve skin complexion.
  • 03 | DNA Injection PDRN extracted from salmon DNA helps reconstruct skin tissues and regenerate damaged skin cells to aid hydrating and whitening.
  • 04 | Cryocell Electric currents allow moisture and vitamins to penetrate deeply into the skin to maintain effects of hydrolifting injection.
  • 05 | Velvet Mask An advanced sheet mask that retains moisture, and keeps skin bright, healthy, and radiant.
  • 06 | LED Light Strong LED wavelengths trigger skin regeneration and soothe the skin after treatments.
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