A new Korean BBQ restaurant opened!
The place that i talked about named "Nabi Korea BBQ". It's a korea bbq buffet. There're many kind of meat.
And many side dishes also like Kimchi soup (김치찌개), Seaweed Soup(미역국), Ttokboki (떡볶이) even fried chicken with sauce also has.
There're so many things there so i were tired it all. LOL. In my opion the kimchi soup was tasty than other place around there. But for me, the Belly pork with soy sauce was the best. > <

Price : 299 baht per person
Location : It's across from Lotus Salaya branch.
Open time : 12.00PM - 10.00PM
On-line Consult

If you apply it,
We will consult via messenger or Email