[Chinese patient Review, Doublo gold]
Date 2024-07-13
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Today I visited Renewme Skin Clinic, Bangkok branch to consult my skin lifting care.

In 30's ages, I have concerned about face lifting cuz I didn't have any skin lifting treatment now because of corona.

I decided to visit the clinic to have a consultation with doctor first and got recommendation 

I want to make my skin more smooth and lift up like my young age.

I have a consultation doctors and they recommended Doublo gold, HIFU lifting laser. 

so I  decided to have a lifting procedure called Doublo gold which is a upgraded Doublo standard version.

I like the chin, deep cheeks, and nasolabial folds that were the biggest skin concerns.

Before I visited the clinic, I searched about Shrink and Ulthera, which is 

one of popular lifting laser program in Asia and China. Finally I got information 

Doublo gold than other lifting laser and thread lifting. 

As my concern, double chin and jaw line , I searched which clinic has doublo gold in bkk.

Because I know that the jaw and nasolabial folds are particularly effective for double lo lifting laser treatment. 


Before I have doublo gold, I applied numbing cream about 30 mins

After 30 mins, I felt numb and got ready for treatment! :) 

The doctor started to treat my v line like jaw line 

I felt little sting during jaw bone area, but felt like lifting up ... haha 

After procedure, I felt like my jaw line to lift up. 

Originally, the effects show after 1 month and the doctor said that it is better to have 

treatment every 6 to 8 months continuously. 

I also took a picture the day after the treatment.

What I liked about doublo gold is that I don't have any down time like bruising and swelling. 

I can go back to routine life after treatment. that was great! 


Tada~~ It's obvious to the naked eye that the chin line is arranged right?

I felt like my face has tightened and lifted and I will wait more 1 month to show effects!

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