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Hair removal
Register : 07-13-2024 11:04 am
Hello, I would like to know the cost of laser hair removal on the Mediostar device. How much does each bikini cost? Thank you!

Hello.This is Renewme skinclinic. 

 Thankyou for your inquiry and interests. Weusing Premium laser 'Medio Star' laserhair removal selectively destroys the hair root cell of the desired areabyusing the laser device that is absorbed only in melanin in the hair follicle.Hence,it safely removes hair without skin damage.

 Bkiniline Female  1time 5,000 THB/  5time 9,900THBmale  1time 9,900THB/ 5time 30,000THB 

 You may refer to the following link for more details:


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