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interested tattoo removal
Register : 10-03-2023 10:14 am
I have a black color of tattoo on my left arm.
How does laser tattoo removal work?
Can you please explain to me specifically?

Hello thank you so much for your interest in Renewme Skin Clinic.

You have made inquriy about tattoo removal 

 In response to your inquriy 

Tattoos are permanent markings on the skin that made by ink. 

The ink is deposited into the dermal layer that remains almost permanent. 

The tattoo removal uses laser without damaging the skin layer. 

The effects depend on how pigments are removed and whether the pigments in the dermal and epidermal layer can be removed.

Renewme Skin clinic has discovery pico laser. 

The energy from the laser will penetrate through the skin in picoseconds pulse (1/1,000,000,000,000 sec) rather than nanoseconds pulse(1/1,000,000,000sec) and breaks up melanin and pigment particles in “picoseconds” pulses. 

The laser system is used for pigmented lesions including age spots, freckles, and ota spots and birthmark etc.

Pico laser uses two wavelengths to show effects pigments on epidermal and dermal layer. 

532NM Wavelength applies to epidermal pigmented lesions and 1064NM Wavelength applies to dermal pigmented lesions. 

It allows the diverse range of colors and particle sizes.

The laser allows the diverse range of colors and particle sizes that has countless formulations and sizes in many different color; black, grey, red, and even blue inks, and it can effectively be removed with less frequent with pico technology.

 Website: http://bkken.rnmeskin.com/clinic4/tattoo.php

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