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Thermage treatment
Register : 07-13-2024 11:21 am
Is Thermage effective for wrinkles improvement?
What are the effect of Thermage?
Do you have the newest version in your clinic?
I need some more information about it

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Aging symptoms generally occur in the age group of mid 20's with fine lines and saggy skin due to collagen decrease. 

If the aging symptoms is not too severe you could consult with the doctor whether you are a good candidate for the treatment or not. 

What is Thermage FLX?


The 4th generation, Thermage FLX is upgraded to a whole new level from the 3th edition Thermage CPT.


Thermage transfers energy to the dermal layer and subcutaneous fat layer without damaging skin surface. It has more powerful energy to contract and regenerate collagen. It has natural lifting and tightening effects.

- 25% faster procedure time with 33% larger tip size than Thermage CPT

- Automatic algorithm improvement for accurate treatment.

- Produce collagen and increase elasticity from transferring accurate and efficient energy.

-More comfortable with less pain from disturbance signal.

-More immediate effect

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