[Singapore Blogger, Agri Velt] Doublo gold, Dermotoxin, Vitamin IV
Date 2023-10-03
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Today, Singapore blogger, Agri Velt visited Bangkok branch, Renewme Skin Clinic. 
Today, she concerned about Face lifting and tightening for this time. 
She had lifting laser and dermotoxin  for fine wrinkles last time and she was satisfied with 
the results so that is why she revisited reneweme skin clinic, Bangkok. 

She had a consultation with Thai doctor in Bangkok and She said that her skin 
elasticity is decreased as she got older.  Since she started to have sagging skin 
 and she was worried about her skin. so The doctor recommended
HIFU Lifting Laser, which is good for face lifting and tightening.
also recommend Dermotoxin, which is good for skin tone and wrinkles.

She had numbing cream before the procedure, she removed the makeup and proceeded.
Before lifting and dermotoxin treatment, it  takes about 30-40 minutes for numbing cream.
If you are sensitive to pain, it is better to apply longer!
For pretty skin, you have to take the pain, right? ^^

he Thai nurse applied carefully 
  Whether in Korea or Thailand, Renewme employees are kind
Thanks to you, she  waited for the treatment during numb 

Lifting laser,  HIFU Double gold

Last time it was a Shrink, but this time, the new HIFU Double Gold
I received it from doctor's recommendation.
 If you want natural lifting, we recommend double gold for face and neck area. 
The pain was reduced  at a speed that is more than twice as fast as the original double laser.


Dermotoxin is a compound word of dermo + toxin (skin + btoxin).
Unlike normal botox treatment, Btoxin is injected into the skin layer
It is a treatment method that improves fine wrinkles and increases elasticity.
Agri's skin tone will  become more brighter after dermotoxin treatment on her dull skin tone
After the procedure, she was satisfied that the makeup was well received.

Vitamin injection IV
It is an effective vitamin injection to relieve physical pain 
and muscle pain and to prevent colds and aging.
It even helps to add brightening and glowing for skin. 

On-line Consult

If you apply it,
We will consult via messenger or Email